FITFORT Light Up Alarm Clock

FITFORT Light Up Alarm Clock

Good first impressions and seems well worth the price

I received the FITFORT light up alarm clock today and set it up quickly and easily in a few minutes, the set up was very easy and the buttons on the front of the clock are particularly nice, very subtle and they are touch-sensitive. One thing to note during setup is that the light functions do not work while on battery power and you need to connect to a power outlet for this to work.

I’m not very likely to use the radio functions of this alarm but tested and it works fine and the sound quality is surprisingly good, from a small cheap speaker. The only issue I have with this aspect of the alarm is that the antenna cable sticks out of the back of the product rather awkwardly and there is no real place to put it, since I likely won’t use the radio very often I have just wrapped it around the “handle” at the back of the product for now, as you can see from the photos attached.

The light functions seem to work well and there are more colour choices than I thought there would be (maybe I should have done more research) but I was pleasantly surprised, although I still haven’t counted the number of them. The only thing I think I would change about this would be to have an option to cycle slowly through the colours.

I would love to comment on how this works as an alarm clock although I have only just received it today, so hopefully, all goes well in the morning. But from playing around with it the brightness settings seems good and the sounds, although there are not too many options you will probably find one that ticks the box. Setting the alarm and time is easy and intuitive if you have every set a digital clock before.

For full disclosure, I am writing this review mainly to receive a free gift for doing so. And I imagine you might also receive a free gift if you do order one.

How to change time

  1. First press and hold the button on the left with the clock icon on it, until the time starts to flash
  2. Use the + and – buttons to change the time
  3. Press the clock button on the left to change to set the minutes and use the + and – buttons to change the minutes
  4. Finally press the clock button again to finalise

FITFORT Light Up Alarm Clock Gallery


FITFORT Light Up Alarm Clock


Ease of wake up




Ease of use




Build quality



  • Wake up light is nice
  • Colour cycle is good
  • Clock brightness changing is useful
  • Good build quality
  • Radio is a nice touch


  • Night mode starts at full brightness
  • Can be difficult to set up and use
  • More alarm sounds would be nice

3 thoughts on “FITFORT Light Up Alarm Clock

  1. Hi! Could you tell me whether it needs to be plugged to be functioning? Or is it just via the USB charger and then you can unplug it and it notifies you later on when it needs to be charged?

    Thanks in advance!

    1. Hi Sara,

      So there is limited functionality when it is not plugged into a power source, it will be able to display the time and the alarm will sound but it does not light up.

      There is no built in battery, it has a compartment for AA batteries to be used as backup power really, so there is no charging to be done.

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